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Oct 5, 2009 02:41 PM

mint butter?

I've been harvesting much of our remaining herbs and making them into herb butters to freeze and use during the winter. That worked really well last year for chives, parsley, tarragon, etc.

But we also have a lot of mint. I think the technique would work well to preserve the fresh herb flavor. But I'm trying to picture how I would use mint butter. Usually we use it in syrups over fruit and things.

Any ideas for mint butter?

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  1. Karykat, Lamb, lamb, lamb. Over lamb chops or leg of lamb. Stir it (the mint butter) into a rice pilaf with peas added at the end. Endless possibilities... adam

    1. Using it as a baste for lamb *would* be absolutely lovely, as it would be for any rich meat or even fish (salmon?). If you like sweets, you could also experiment with mint butter cookies (might also need a splash of extract to taste more than a hint of the mint flavor), mint shortbread, a minty graham cracker crust for cheesecake. Or spread it on bread for bahn mi and other sandwiches.

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        I use mint a ton in pasta. Remember basil, sage, oregano are are mint family. My go to this summer was sweet 100 tomatoes, mint, and capers.

        1. re: Brandon Nelson

          mint is actually the most frequently used fresh herb in most italian cooking. probably because it grows like a weed. i love it with pasta, and it's equally good with couscous, barley, lentils or beans. eggs too.

          1. re: Brandon Nelson

            nice. i've never tried mint in pasta straight up, though i have made mint pestos. mint butter wouldn't be so different, i guess.

        2. I have the same thing and was thinking of making mint oil or vinegar. Just not sure what to use it with! Maybe Mediteranean salads and dips.

          1. Mint butter is delicious on pound cake, corn muffins, pancakes, waffles, cooked in eggs, added to baked bread recipes. Not just lamb (altho I'm not arguing how yummy that is!)