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Oct 5, 2009 02:30 PM

Drinks near Grand Central in an hour

Sorry for the short notice but LA Chowie just hit town and need a place near Grand Central for drinks and conversation w/an old friend at 6:30! Maybe appetizers or a light dinner but really want a great bar w/decent wine. Short on attitude pls so a neighborhood place ok. I've always wanted to go to the Campbell Apt but I keep reading the service is bad. I'll shut up now so you can help me! Thanks.

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  1. Metrazur in Grand Central is a good spot.I love going there or Cipriani or Michael Jordan's with out-of-towners because Grand Central is a great place to drink.Drinks are overpriced,but you can't beat the setting.Especially during rush hour,although the hustle and bustle won't be conducive to conversation.I like Campbell Apartment.It will be much quieter and the space is really nice.Service hasn't been a detriment when I've been there.You can walk up to the Waldorf on 49th.They have a nice quiet bar off the main lobby or the more crowded Bull and Bear on street level.The W hotel,upper 40s on Lexington also has a bar.Not sure of the name.Probably Whiskey something.Right at Grand Central,the Grand Hyatt has a very big lobby bar.Hope this helps.

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      This is too humiliating. I see I posted this a dozen times. I'm on an iPhone in my room and couldn't find WiFi so every time I hit 'post' it must have reposted. Am getting the next train out of town! Mea culpable!

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        The Campbell Apartment is always a very cool choice...have a cocktail.

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          I've not been there. Thanks for the reminder. We usually have drinks and something to eat in the bar area of the GC Oyster Bar.

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            This is a tardy reply but we had drinks at the Campbell Apartment which was perfect - we were promptly seated at a lovely table. Gorgeous room, interesting mix of Young Turks (but few women - a shout out to you single NYC girls - can I repeat: guys no girls) and middle aged biz types. Pretty sedate, a perfect place to talk - except in our case as we had a 30-something couple next to us on the banquette who were full on making out. Pretty funny...but they did eventually go get a room. Thanks for the last minute advice. This place was perfect.

            Campbell Apartment
            89 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017

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              Glad you liked the C Apartment. You really can't beat any of the places in Grand Central for drinks as it's so beautiful and there's so much New York energy there!

      2. I like Lea - it's a little drinks spot in the tunnel under the Metlife building on the east side.