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Oct 5, 2009 02:17 PM

Campanile - restaurant week issues?

Not realizing it was restaurant week, I made a reservation for a special dinner tonight at Campanile. I have heard some tales of lacking service and limited menus at Campanile during previous restaurant weeks. Has anyone had experience with these issues? Can we still order off the regular menu or are we limited to the prix-fix menu? I just want to make sure the dinner is still special with good food and service and we aren't going at a time when we won't get the optimal experience.


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  1. Campanile as far as I have known has always had a full menu regardless of whether it's restaurant week, family night, grilled cheese night, etc.

    However, I'd make a quick call to the restaurant for a 100% certain answer.

    1. I don't think that any of the restaurants require you to order off the Dine LA menu, I believe it's simply an option. I can't speak to service issues but I was there for one of their Monday night family dinners a couple of months ago and the service was fine.

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        Actually, some do. This is what I got today in an email from Craft, referring to LA Dine:

        "On these evenings, we will not be serving our regular menu, but we will begin offering supplementary menu items on Saturday, October 10th."

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          Oh, interesting. Thanks for the heads up!

      2. So, we went ahead to Campanile last night and they were only serving the Dine LA Restaurant menu along with the Monday night family dinner, but not the a la carte menu. Initially I was a bit disappointed, but they did let me sub one thing off one menu onto the other. Overall, good, but not phenomenal. Service was okay, but not what I would have expected from a restaurant of that caliber.

        I started with Pasta Carbonara, which surprised me in that it had no meat/ham or peas, so it ended up being pasta with a cream sauce and asparagus. Not what I normally identify as Carbonara, but yummy nonetheless. The past was obviously freshly made and quite good. Second course I had a fish stew/cioppino with mussels, clams, fish, lobster and shrimp. I was a bit disappointed by this as it was quite salty and the lobster and shrimp were both overcooked. I swapped out the dessert for a Bourbon Bread Pudding which was good but nothing special.

        I'm not an overly critical diner in general, but, again, with a restaurant of this caliber and price I would have expected a bit more. Saw Mark Peel too, which was nice for an out-of-towner with us, though he was mostly shaking hands and never saw him in the kitchen...

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