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Oct 5, 2009 01:50 PM

Lemongrass Cafe - Henderson, NV

On the recommendation of QAW, I tried Lemongrass Cafe in Henderson. I had been working in the area and was looking for a good neighborhood place to have a hearty bowl of Pho.
Lemongrass Cafe is located in what looks like and old diner....near Eastern & 215.
The restaurant is bright, clean and very busy!

The menu is comprised of traditional Vienamese Noodle and Rice Dishes, Soups, Salads and Appetizers.

I was still on a high from my meal @ Raku the previous evening and wanting more....I chose the Phở Tái Gân / Rare Beef & Tendon Phở.

The waitress brought me the steaming hot bowl....along w/ a small plate of lime, beansprouts, jalapeno and cilantro. I added a little hoisin and chili and dug it! The broth was flavorful and rich. The meat/tendon was tender and the noodles very filling.
I ordered the small ($6.95) and I was unable to finish.

Lemongrass Cafe is a great value for the money! Another wonderful find in a city so rich in restaurants.....

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