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Oct 5, 2009 01:41 PM

Private Dining Room SM 10/11/09

I am looking for a resturant with a private dining room in Santa Monica that will seat approx 25 people. Cost should be $30-40 and there needs to be vegan and vegetarian choices. I'd welcome any suggestions that are in the area (Venice, Playa, Marina del Rey...). TIA!

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  1. Forgot to say that we need it for this Sunday, October 11th.

    1. Is that before drinks, tax & tip?

        1. Yes, that would be before drinks/tax/tip. I was wondering about that back room at Riva? Kinda spendy, but I think the variety might be good. Thoughts? Or maybe that private room on the side of Chinois on Main?

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            You just have to pick up the phone and call them, honey!! I haven't been in either room you describe so wouldn't know how many they hold, etc.

            Call them on a weekday after 2 pm and talk to the hostess, maitre d', etc with specific questions and recs. They should be able to help you if they can accomodate your party and need the business.

          2. We're at it again and looking for a place on Sunday February 21st--private dining room, quiet, veggie options and in the $40-60 range. In October they went to Cache and liked it, but would like something different. If there's a view, that would be great...

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              Gjelina has a nice private room off it's patio.