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Oct 5, 2009 01:40 PM

Brooklyn's Best Sandwiches

I'm looking for the best sandwiches in the Borough of Kings. I have some that I'd put on the list; do you have others???

My (incomplete) list of the Best Sandwiches in Brooklyn (in no particular order)
*Panelle Special at Ferdinando's
*Grilled Pork Banh Mi at Ba Xuyen
*DeFonte's Roast Beef, Eggplant, Fresh Mozz, Gravy, S&P (seeded hero)
*Torta from Pueblo Market (not sure which variety)
*Chicken Cutlet Hero from Catene
*Lioni's hero (not sure which one)
*Cubano from Cibao on Smith
*Falafel from ??? used to say The Fountain but I'm not so sure anymore.
*Rollin' Roast Beef (as long as you put onions, gravy, salt and pepper on it)
*Spicy Beef Patty inside coco bread from Christie's

but I know there are more, like does anyone know of a good sabich? Where's the best tuna salad? Pastrami? BLT? Roti? Sausage & Peppers? Chicken Parm?

(You can probably tell I'm a SoBroo cat with little working knowledge of W'burg/G'pernt/B''wick etc. Love to hear suggestions from up north)

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  1. Have you ever gone to Carlo's grocery on 20th Ave. and 52nd street? I love their roast beef mozz., their veal pizziaola is very very good, used to be able to cut with a fork. They are a little grocery with a kitchen in the back, daddy does the cooking and the family works the store. Of course other cold cut sandwiches, chickencutlet parm. and more.
    A really good tuna sandwich, for me 2 places 1. Cropsey Bagel LOVE their tuna. I have to bring my mother a container and 2 bagels every weekend. And their bagels are great by the way, they also carry Bell Bialies. 2. Sorry don't know the name, it's the diner on 13th Ave. and 75th street. My girlfriend loves their tuna sandwich. Sometimes we head there for lunch during work and the waiter that works the floor makes one of the best egg creams I had in a long long time.

    1. williamsburg: HANA FOODS. open 24 hours. delivery. a huge roster of vegetarian & vegan friendly options amongst the usual heavy hitters and meat-ladened offerings.

      the ridiculously named ANGRY OWL is a favorite of mine: breaded tofu cutlet, grilled portabello mushroom, provolone, vegetarian bacon, tomato and hummus. i always add pickles & lettuce for crunch. warning: IT IS HEAVY. half will fill you up right good.

      1. oh and i do believe many people would say that carmine's chicken parm hero is top notch. another WB restaurant. (also, i love their pizzas & eggplant parm but that's OT)

        1. Cemita from Tacos Matamoros
          Meatball Parmigiana or Sausage/Broccoli Rabe sandwich from Frankies 457

          1. any torta from rico's tacos. there's several winners at caputo's fine foods. ooh, and i second, third and fourth defonte's as well. goodness.

            i love this thread.