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Oct 5, 2009 01:33 PM

Yes, There Is A Green Village Restaurant in Rowland Heights

One of the open questions on this board has been whether Green Village went completely out of business or whether the Rowland Heights location was still open. When the San Gabriel location closed down over a year ago, it was reported that the telephone number forwarded to the Rowland Heights location. Then somebody said they thought that the Rowland Heights location had closed down, and my last drive by a few months ago seemed to be consistent with them not being open. However, being in the area today I decided to take a closer look, and I found that there is a Green Village indeed open at the front of Diamond Plaza (Fullerton Road @ Pomona Freeway). The question, though, is whether this is THE Green Village. What makes me wonder is that as I dashed in to pick up a menu and business card, the gentleman there commented that while the printed address was correct, they had a new telephone number. Now why would an ongoing business go and change its telephone number? I think the answer is that it doesn't. Rather, I'd guess that the Rowland Heights Green Village closed down, disconnected its telephone, then later re-opened with a new telephone number. This raises the question, therefore, of whether this is the same Green Village operation or a new operation with new owners and cooks. They are working off the old 300 item menu, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Interestingly there was a similar issue as to lineage when the reincarnated Green Village opened up in San Gabriel in 2006, and it took reviewers and food fans quite a while to determine it was the same Green Village that had previously operated in San Gabriel Square before selling out. Hopefully the devoted followers of Green Village will make their way out to Rowland Heights to resolve the question.

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  1. Devoted GV fan here. When GV San Gabriel closed, we were quite shocked!

    I did notice the GV in Rowland Hts before. But always thought there were two restaurants to begin with and they merely shut down one of the locations.

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      So, what's the consensus- is it the same Green Village or a new one with the same name?

      I remember reading about Green Village in Gourmet, and I went to try it out more than a couple of years ago but they had moved from the address listed in Gourmet so I never got the chance to try out their dishes.

      Green Village
      San Gabriel, CA, San Gabriel, CA

      1. re: hobbess

        Later intelligence indicated that it was the same Green Village, but this one too closed down about six months ago.

        Green Village
        San Gabriel, CA, San Gabriel, CA