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Oct 5, 2009 01:24 PM

Dinner for a Friday Night near the Sheraton on Canal

I'll be in town for a conference next week and I'm looking for a dinner recommendation near the Sheraton for a party of 4. I would love to take the crew to Commander's, but 2 of the party won't be arriving until Friday evening, and I think something closer would be more convenient.

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  1. Cafe Giovanni is located about a block or two away. Excellent Italian food plus opera singers.

    1. August, Galatorie's, Herbsaint, Cuvee, Stella, Iris, Luke, Irene's are all just a short walk or cab ride.
      what type of cuisine do you want and how dressed up will your party be?

      1. Many options in that area. Directly across Canal is the French Quarter. On Royal is Mr. B's. On Bourbon there is Galtoire's, and Arnaud's. Others in the quarter are GW Fins (Just off Bourbon), Bayona, Stella, and Brennan's.

        In the Central Business District there is August, Cuvee, Luke, and Herbsaint.

        If you're looking for a Commander's type atmosphere, then go with Galatoire's or August.
        Both are wonderful.

        I too will be at the Sheraton - at the end of this week.

        1. If you want to go to Commander's, go to Commander's. It is only a 20 minute cab ride away.

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            Sheraton to Commanders via streetcar/walk may take 20. A cab should take 10.