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Oct 5, 2009 01:08 PM

Need help choosing restaurants

I will be having three dinners in Chicago, if you had to choose from this list which three would you choose.

Frontera Grill
Chaise Lounge
Bistro 110

I will be staying at the Fairmont Chicago so if there is a fabulous restaurant for breakfast/lunch/brunch/dinner close to the hotel please let me know.


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  1. I really like Frontera, Carnivae and avec, but reservations may be hard (neitehr avec nor frontera take them). Wishbone is great, but very diner-esqe and my go to for breakfast.
    Bistro 110 has been there forever, but I have never had a bad meal there. Never been to perennial or chaise.

    As I just posted, i have been on the Publican tip lately. I've had two great meals there in the last couple months.

    Not tons within a 5 block radius of Fairmont that is a must-eat.

    1. It really depends on a lot of factors, like mood, occasion, budget (assuming you are travelling for work), etc. Off your list i would pick Avec, Perennial and Wishbone.

      Avec is my #2 favorite restaurant in the city. Great, creative Mediterranean-focused small plates. Loud atmosphere, hipster scene, no reservations. Perennial is an excellent farm to table restaurant. Wishbone is for really casual nights and craving for Southern comfort food.

      Close to the Fairmont and fabulous for breakfast/lunch/brunch/dinner is The Gage. Upscale Irish gastropub serving creative comfort food. Generally great writeups here from 'hounds. Read all about it on this board.

      The Gage
      24 South Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603