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Oct 5, 2009 01:05 PM

Tasting menu & Wine pairings in OC/LB for $100/person?

Birthday dinner. Trying to stay at around $100/person, so Stonehill Tavern and Studio at the Montage are out. Liked Napa Rose a lot, but looking for somewhere different. Already considered Old Vine Cafe, Park Ave, Marche Moderne, and Traditions by Pascal. Just looking for great food. What about Cafe Hiro? Heard good things, but never been

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  1. Cafe Hiro is a wonderful restaurant with innovative food. A fusion of Asian-European and California, if that makes sense. But it is not in the same league as the other restaurants you listed in terms of how it looks and feels. It is rather noisy and has an almost hole-in-the-wall feeling. You would be hard-pressed to spend $100 per person (of course expensive wine or a lot of sake can put any bill over the top). I have eaten there several times and have never been disapponted. I took a friend who ran a well regarded restaurant and he was impressed with the food, the space and the fact that several of the patrons were also customers of his restaurant..

    I ate at Park Ave a few days ago. It is slick looking, everyone in our party of seven was pleased with the quality of the food and the very reasonable price. I don't recall a tasting menu that evening but they did have an upcoming event, called Under the Stanton Sun, pairing Tuscan inspired foods and wines for, I think, $65 per person.

    1. I don't recall Cafe Hiro having a wine pairing.

      And out of the four you mentioned, I've been to OVC & MM and prefer the former over the latter (although MM has nice charcuterie & cheese platters and slightly larger menu selection). I think you'll get the bigger bang for your buck @ OVC and you won't be disappointed.