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Oct 5, 2009 12:39 PM

[DFW] Best Elotes Stand in the Metroplex [DFW]

I am sure most of us have had this simple Mexican inspired snack but I would like to hear some suggestions on the best in the D/FW metroplex.

Frozen corn is out
Fresh grilled/roasted corn is preferred
Vendor has to serve all the toppings parmesan (or cotija), hot sauce (Valentina, etc), lemon pepper, chili powder, butter, mayonesa, and crema.

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  1. I also want to note that this request is only when fresh corn is in season (June - September)

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    1. re: LewisvilleHounder

      The corn stand outside of Taqueria El Si Hay on Davis is excellent. He is pretty generous with the butter/margarine, though! On the other hand, the elotes at Fuel City are from canned corn. To your requirements, I would add that the corn has to be on the cob and the kernals cut off at the time you order.

      1. re: dfwtexex

        Huh? You're so concerned about corn fresh off the cob, but are willing to dress it with margarine? I try not to be a hater, but I think margarine is one of those ingredients with no purpose. I CAN believe its not butter.

        1. re: kindofabigdeal

          Margarine is traditional in Tex-Mex cuisine however ... I'm certain the stuff on the tables in the Tex-Mex restaurant where I've been going since I was 3 is not butter. It's the only place where margarine passes my lips (knowingly, that is).

          Have a question for those of you recommending stands ... I have had corn that tasted of the fuel being used for the roaster (ugh). Was that an aberration?

          1. re: LewisvilleHounder

            I found some great elotes at Dallas Farmer's Market, just outside the barn with local produce. It was roasted!

      2. At Spring Valley west of 75 in front of the La Paloma taqueria. Freshly cut off the cob with all the accoutrements

        1. I haven't tried too many, but my favorite so far is the one in front of the gas station off Harry Hines & Loop 12. They cut it in front of you and have all the toppings and a ton of different hot sauces. I love this place because the elotes are good and the tacos at the gas station are the BEST! There's a man who works there that is a partner in the elote stand...he says they have maybe 7 around the Dallas area. I can't remember where they all are.

          I had heard before that they served really good elotes (on the cob) at a bazaar off Harry HInes but haven't tried them yet.

          I really don't like the ones at Fuel City...the corn is not fresh at all.

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            I will second this taco place on this corner, it is the only taco stand in this area consistently with a line. its crazy trying to get some for breakfast with everyone ordering 30 tacos to go. The bazaar (pink one) on Harry Hines does have a huge corn roaster in the summer and probably has the best elotes when fresh corn is available. I love to see all of the kids smiling with their cup full of corn "candy".

          2. There is a corn cart in Huffines Plaza in Lewisville facing 35. Fresh corn that they slice off the cob. Delicious and perfect!

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              Is it the Elotes De Dona Carmen??? They were at Terry's for a while during the remodel of Dona Carmen into the El Pollo Regio. Thanks for the tip I will go by there soon and report back

            2. LH, I was at El Si Hay yesterday and watched as the elota vendor carved corn and assembled his elotes. Seemed like a great version.