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Where to get roasted macadamia nuts in Montreal?

A coworker brought back some amazing roasted, salted macadamia nuts from Hawaii (Mauna Loa brand). However, regular grocery stores just don't seem to carry any kind of macadamias at all, except as an ingredient (Pepperidge Farm cookies, etc) -- which is strange as so many recipes call for them, either raw/slivered, roasted, the oil, etc.

The last relevant posts on Chow indicated they might be available at Akhavan, Sunsource (very expensively) or other places in the north-eastern end of the city. Any luck finding them affordable and/or closer to downtown? Does the guy at Atwater Market carry them? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I think they're commonly available as I've seen tins of them at Costco as well as various Metro, Loblaw and IGA's. The "nut" guy at Atwater carried them when he was there last fall/winter.

    1. Try Coconut:

      9050 rue Charles-de Latour
      Montréal, QC H4N 1M2
      (514) 388-0066

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        Or Bassé:

        9360, rue Charles de la Tour
        Montréal, QC H4N 1M2
        (514) 387-4568


      2. The nut stand at Jean Talon does carry macadamia nuts. Not sure about varieties, but I have bought the fine herb. A tad too vinegary, but oddly addictive.

        1. Dollarama sells little packages of roasted, salted macadamia nuts for... a dollar. Dollar for dollar, they're definitely your best deal, and the quality isn't that bad considering the savings.

          1. If you're ever in NDG, I just noticed yesterday that Akhavan (Sherbrooke & Grand) sells bulk macadamia nuts for $25/kg. The quality of their nuts is very high - they're always fresh and delicious. I'm not sure if they're roasted - and they're definitely not salted.

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              I'm pretty sure they're unroasted.

            2. Thanks everyone! I managed to find some Bassé packaged nuts at PA Supermarché on Fort, and got a big bag of salted ones from "the nut guy" at Jean-Talon Market (who also runs one at Atwater, I think?). Funny though, I couldn't find any at 5 Saisons on Greene nor at my local IGA or Metro...

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                When the walls come up at JTM he moves his stand to Atwater for the winter. We're still fighting to keep around year round but the market authority is a bit stubborn.

              2. You can find macadamia nuts at Adonis on Sauvé street. Their selection is amazing and the prices are probably the best in Montreal.