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Oct 5, 2009 11:59 AM

Tavolo, Huntingdon Valley

Has anyone eaten at this new restaurant yet? This is a new Italian restaurant where Stefano's used to be, on Huntingdon Pike (Second Street Pike/Rt. 232) in Huntindon Valley (near Red Lion Road), PA. I'm trying to find a menu to get an idea of dining options and pricing. Thanks!

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  1. Yes, its excellent! I highly recommend the lamb polpetti as an appetizer and the gnocchi for an entree. There are many other things on the menu I want to try, but you can only eat so much at a time! Price-wise, its on the higher end but very well worth it.
    Its the second restaurant from Chef Augusto Jalon. If you've been to his other (Augusto's in Warminster) then you know the quality of his food & service. The tradition carries on at Tavolo. The ricotta cheesecake for dessert was also very good. It is a BYOB so if you like some wine with dinner remember to pick up a bottle on the way.

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      I went with my Italian friends. The pasta was overcooked, the risotto was not cooked enough, we asked if the owner was italian so we could talk to him but we were told that he is from Brasil. We have nothing against Brasilian people but we were just wondering why the Italian "wanna be"? From a scale 1 to 10, we gave a "4".

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        Um, the chef is actually Ecuadorian, not Brasilian. More to the point, I've had his risotto before at his other restaurant and it was superb as was everything else. I'm actually very eager to try his new place. Your review is the only negative one so far. I'm curious what Italian places anywhere in Philly you would recommend that would be better.

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          I was there with three other foodies in December. Posted about this on PA board. We all thought the food, atmosphere and service was terrific.

      2. I was there last night with a party of seven discerning diners. Everybody was very well pleased.

        For starters, several people had the bisque and raved about it. The Caesar salad was perfectly dressed and presented. I had the arrancini... perfect with beautiful presentation and a surprise I won't give away.

        Lots of us went for the PORK brasciola - tender and succulent. Others had swordfish and chicken.. Everyone was pleased.

        The brasciola was presented with some risotto... soewhere between al dente and crunchy. I will agree with Val-1's comment about this. I guess its just an idiosyncracy of the chef.

        Service was very professional.

        Highly recommended.

        1. Yes, I ate there twice and will continue to go. The food and service were excellent. I had salmon once and then scampi -- excellent. My friends (2 were Italian) had veal, filet, bass, pasta and rack of lamb. Salads, soups and desserts were also wonderful.