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Oct 5, 2009 11:51 AM

Pre -Theater dinner Saturday (casual attire) , Hell's Kitchen area or near Jacobs Theater (45th St)

4 Adults needing a suggesting for Pre Theater dinner (5:30 - 6 pm) this Saturday night, 10/10/09 either in the Hell's Kitchen area or in the vicinity of Jacobs Theater (on 45th St).
Our traveling companions like to wear black jeans most of the time, so looking for something good but isn't fanatical about their dress code.
We are already dining at Plataforma one night and have plans for Italian in Little Italy another night, so don't want anything similiar to that.
Willing to consider any cuisine, particularly Greek.

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    1. question: any particular reason you are going to plataforma? are you looking for a good steak?

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      1. re: smokeandapancake

        Plataforma just sounded good - the whole buffet style (variety) thing. I had heard about Brazilian Steakhouses and wanted to try one.
        Also, they are right by where we are staying, and their prices weren't impossible (I'm not much worried about the cost, but we don't need to try to break the bank either)
        Do you have an opinion about that as one of my choices? I have no clue about eating in NY so any info you can provide is helpful. Keeping in mind that we have 2 in our group who won't dress up they'll be in blue or black jeans (sigh!)

        Looks like Uncle Nick's is right by where we are staying too, so thanks for that recommendation. I didn't see anything about reservations on their website so I guess it's a walk in and wait kind of place (that's good if the wait isn't endless).

        1. re: Dkirk1

          Plataforma can be a lot of fun, especially with a group. It's not the best steak in city by any means but it's not bad either. Be aware that the servers carrying the skewers of meat will bring the cheaper cuts first (sausage and chicken) hoping that you'll fill up before the more expensive stuff comes around. The sausage is tasty enough but if you're going to be with some steak lovers they should be warned. The same thing is true with their salad bar. It's a good one but they're not providing it out of a sense of generosity - they hope you'll fill up on salad before the meat comes around.

          The other thing is that festive "all you can eat" atmosphere can often inspire an "all you can drink" reaction on the part of guests. Drinks there are pricey and the bar bill can easily double the cost of the meal. If cost is an issue you'll want to keep that in mind.

          The same with the dessert cart. It's not part of the "all you can eat" deal so be careful.

          Back in 2000 the Daily News did a nice write up of Plataforma. It ought to be required reading before anyone goes -

          1. re: Bob Martinez

            Thanks for the dining tips and the link, Bob. I will definately wait for the better cuts of meat.
            I'm expecting to be too darn full to even be interested indessert, but I will watch the drink prices.

            Any suggestions on good places to go for drinks in the evening in the same general area as Plataforma? (reasonable prices/ local type clientele, not touristy)
            Looking for a place to relax and unwind and have a drink or 2 after a day of tourist activities.