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Oct 5, 2009 10:48 AM

Tofu meatballs recipe

Making a soy, miso, scallion red pepper tofu metaball

any hints on keeping them a nice firm texture and making it stay together when baked?

or do you pan fry yers yers?

i figured baking would be easier since they are a lil round

also. making a sweet chili dipping sauce. any other suggestions?


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  1. I make tofuballs with medium tofu using nuts, ww breadcrumbs, onions, peppers, mushrooms,seasonings and 1 egg to bind. You do need something to bind the tofu, if vegan is desired, you could use a grated starchy vegetable such as potato or taro.
    Mince and blend all the ingredients fully,( I use a processor for this) and then the last add the tofu, but just crumble it in and mix by hand. If you overmix or food process the tofu too much it will get too liquidy.
    I bake the tofuballs in a well oiled pan, it is easier than frying. I reserve some of the soy to glaze the balls as they cook, helps to get a nice carmelized crust

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    1. re: ciaolette

      thanks.. i think mine was missing the soy glazed crust.

      they came out a lil delicate.. but i guess thats the consistency of tofu?

      Perhaps they firm up in the fridge? i just dont want them to crumble or fall apart after sticking a fork in em.

      maybe freezing the tofu first to create a tougher texture?