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Oct 5, 2009 10:32 AM

Looking For Afternoon Tea Recs in Santa Barbara


My friend will be driving up to Santa Barbara and spending the day there tomorrow. She loves afternoon tea. Anyone has any place they can recommend that is local there?

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  1. Try the Art Museum Cafe, downtown corner of State Street and East Anapamu, around the 1100 block of State Street. You enter the cafe through the Art Museum gift shop which fronts State Street.

    And in the same block is the very lovely Anderson Danish Bakery and Cafe with nice outdoor tables for people watching or very victorian feeling indoor seating. Best pastries there.

    And if she wants the most primo foodie cafe spot for a variety of well-chosen teas and superb pastries and the best croissants anywhere, in Upper State Street at Las Positas is Renaud's in the back of the newly and lushly remodeled Loreto Shopping Plaza.

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      Yippiee, just found out wonderful Renaud's is also now open in downtown besides Loreto Plaza. This would be choice number one downtown for tea, and ................

      1300 block of State Street, in the little mall across from the Arlington Theater.

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        Here is the link for High Tea at Anderson's Danish Bakery and Cafe if you click their menu link and follow it to the High Tea menu - pricey, but this is a fun place for fun foods though a rather pedestrian selection of teas: