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Oct 5, 2009 10:31 AM

Ten Best Restaurants in Rhode Island!

I just finished spending the last year living in RI(eating out almost everynight) and loved the local restaurant scene. Being from Ct I have been to RI many times but never spent much time eating there. Let me know if you agree or disagree. Here they are in order:

1. Chez Pascal
2. Castle Hill Inn
3. Bouchard
4. Alforno
5. Mill's Tavern
6. Trattoria Simpatico
7. Capital Grille
8. Gracie's
9. New River's
10. Ten Steak and Sushi

Best hamburger and fries: Red Stripe
Best Raw Bar: Hemmenway's
Best Pizza: Z Bar and Grille(I liked it better than alforno's pizza and half the price)
Favorite Casual Place to grab a bite: Cafe Noir

You might think how could i do a ri list without any restaurants on Federal Hill? I tried many but didn't find anything outstanding( i ate at sienna, old canteen, oyster bar, and zooma all average at best).

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  1. I guess everyone has their own opinion Thats why we live in the USA.

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    1. re: Frank Terranova

      Well Chef Frank would you care to share your top ten??

      I agree with Chez Pascal.

      I have mixed emotions on Al Forno (but do agree that they are the forerunners in RI dining).

      I used to love Castle Hill (but was upset when they moved the bar and refuse to return because of it).

      I dislike Red Stripe with a passion (but think Mill's is definitely in the top 10).

      Gracie's has a weird attitude and I have never eaten at the new spot (only the old one).

      New Rivers is another forerunner (the former spot of Al Forno is sacrosanct it seems).

      Capital Grille is stiff & overpriced

      I agree that most of the resto's on the hill are worn, but what about Caffe Medditeraneo?.

      1. re: bewley

        I just cook the chef stuff is for the stuff shirts. I truly think 5 of them are in Newport alone. I dont visit many restaurants unless I have to travel. But the first persons choices seem for them ost part on target.