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Oct 5, 2009 10:12 AM

Lark - Seattle


Took our maiden voyage to Lark Saturday night after Wicked. We had an excellent dining experience. All of the food was exceptional and inventive. The wait staff was pleasent and attentive and although it got a little noisy when it filled up, the atmosphere was very nice. We did comment though on the hospital like room dividers ;-)

For more info including details on every course we ordered, stop by


926 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

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  1. Thanks for the report. Did youy get to Licorous, their bar next door. It has a quality small plates menu, too.

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      I think I like going to Licorous more than Lark.

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        We did not make it there, but I will make sure we do next time.

      2. I have been to Lark several times and I have always really enjoyed it, especially the creativity and innovation. I went to Lark again last night and was soo disappointed. I love the service and the front of house manager recognizes us, which is nice. this hasn't changed. but the menu felt so not-innovative and all stuff we had seen/had before at Lark and elsewhere. and then each individual dish was not prepared as best as it could be.

        we started with an endive, beet, blood orange, nazelnut and blue cheese salad. all flavors I love, but nothing innovative. It came with almost a whole orange and only a little bit of beet.. It wasnt' endive, but mache, frisee, and a bit of argula. and it was really small. next was a half dozen oysters. they were quite nice, but it came with a lemon granita that tasted like a lemon sorbet--much too sweet to go with oysters. We had pork rillete with crostini next. No complaints but not elevated in any way. Rosti potatoes were heavily over salted and gummy in spots. Crispy dug leg was also very oversalted, although balanced well with the frisee salad accompaniment. our last dish was a daurade with cauliflower, olive, and almonds. The cauliflower was roasted but not crisp. there was also a very lovely cauliflower puree that I would have loved to have more of. the fish was very well cooked, but again the olives brought it to oversalty. I am usually the person who wants to add salt to things at the table, so I don't think it was me.

        we didn't complain and I know that every kitchen can have an off night. even when a dish doesn't work, I give points for creativity and effort. I just didn't feel it at Lark last night.