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Oct 5, 2009 10:04 AM

Pre-theater, brunch, early dinner suggestions please

Hi--my sister and I will be going to NYC for one night to see my niece play soccer in Queens. We are staying at Omni (love those hotel points), and have tickets to see Memphis at 8 pm on Sat night Oct 24. Hoping to get suggestions for where to go for:
--pre-theater dinner (near Shubert theater on 44th?),
--Sunday brunch (about 10:30 am or so), and
late lunch/early dinner (game ends about 3 pm in Queens).

Not too spicy, and not Indian, Mexican, Asian please. I tentatively made a reservation for where I had taken my mom before--etcetera etcetera but would love your suggestions. Budget to moderate places that my brother in law can't go too crazy ordering expensive food/wine. Thanks so much.

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  1. If you like Etc. Etc. but want a change of scenery, Vice Versa, its sister restaurant, has one of the best pre-theater menus I've tried. It's a few blocks farther north but shouldn't be a problem:

    1. I like Esca and La Maseria for pre-theatre (both Italian), but I'm not sure if you would consider them moderate or not - they're definitely not budget. Bar Americain is another good choice in the theatre district and would be suitable for either pre-theatre or Sunday brunch.