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Oct 5, 2009 09:39 AM

Felt like a nuisance instead of a dinner guest.

I am going to start off by saying maybe our server was having a bad day. But my initial impression was: " I am french and work in an american restaurant that does not even nip at the ankles of my french comrades, my life sucks."
He was extremely unfriendly, corrected my almost accurate pronunciation when ordering a wine from the list and not once smiled at me or my boyfriend. Granted, I am not looking for a new best friend when I go to a restaurant, but I would like at least to feel welcomed instead of feeling like my presence is a nuisance.
This is not to say the food wasn't good; because it was.
His service while unfriendly was at least proper.

I considered it to be a bit overpriced, but then again maybe we wouldn't have minded the price if we would have had an enjoyable experience.

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    1. re: MsDiPesto

      This restaurant was The Willow, in Arlington. Very saddening!

      1. re: gabzz

        That's too bad. I have had excellent service there. I hope you will give them another chance. Or at least email the management and tell them about your negative experience. If the managers do not know that an employee is behaving badly, they cannot correct the problem.

        1. re: gabzz

          I go to Willow frequently and I have always been satisfied by the food and service. You should have talked to the management, which I have found to be very friendly. In fact, you should probably call them tomorrow and relay your poor experience. Willow is a neighborhood place that is locally owned, and its reputation is very important to the management and owners.

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        1. They're offering a true and accurate French experience, one you're supposed to appreciate and pay for. The more you're made to feel like crap the better.

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          1. re: Sam Fujisaka

            Agreed. I feel cheated if I go to a French restaurant and the sommalier doesn't stop by my table and personally junkpunch me.

          2. Did you ever ask to speak with a manager? They happen to be my neighbors so I go a good bit and most of the servers are nice as can be, although service can be a tad bit slow sometimes if you are outside. But seems very out of character for the place, I am sure a manager would have been more than happy to have heard from you they take those sorts of things very seriously.

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            1. re: ktmoomau

              In all honesty, we were just ansy to get out of there at the end. I did see that the rest of the waitstaff was pleasant and that most of the other customers seemed at ease, except for the other tables this gentleman was attending to. Not my favorite place in the area, but oh and learn and approach a manager next time!

              1. re: gabzz

                Yes, many of us are like that. We just want to go, we don't want to discuss our dining issues with the manager. I'm more inclined to seek out a manager if I'm eating alone than with others. Most of my friends would feel embarrassed.

                Though honestly, unless the waiter was incompetent or just plain rude (from your description, I would have said "aloof" but then I wasn't at your table) I probably wouldn't have taken a complaint to the manager, I'd just leave a minimum tip and maybe he'd get the idea. Though maybe not.

                If you go back and see him coming your way, ask for another table or another waiter.

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