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Oct 5, 2009 09:10 AM

instant yeast

i've heard that this can sometimes be difficult to find. any idea of some places in the plateau/mile-end area that might carry this? looking to make the foolproof, no-knead bread recipe bittman's gushed over.

on that note -- can anyone attest to this bread's greatness?


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  1. Instant yeast is readily available. Most if not all supermarkets and many food shops carry Fleischmann's quick rise instant yeast in packets and in jars.

    1. I agree with SnackHappy - any supermarket that carries "traditional" Fleischmann's yeast is very likely to have the instant kind. I've never had a problem finding it at Loblaw's, Provigo, Metro, etc.

      As to the greatness of the bread - that's definitely a question for the Home Cooking board (either search or post).

      Happy baking!

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        Yes, this has been talked about to death, er, discussed extensively on the Home Cooking board. You'll find some of the threads (some of which contain in excess of 100 posts) here:

      2. love that bread. I made it with fleischmann's instant yeast bought i think at IGA. I am a crust person and don't care for the inside, so, i didnt mind the inside was a bit "wet" since i don't eat it unless my husband is staring at me. I did an adapted recipe that's supposed to be less 'wet' from america's test kitchen but have not tried it yet.

        1. You can find instant yeast easily in supermarkets in the plateau/mile-end, sometimes even in depanneurs. The no knead bread recipe doesn't need very much, only 1/8 of a tsp. so I usually empty one of the Fleischmann's envelopes into a zip lock bag and use it for many, many loaves of bread. It is great and I make it a couple times a week, usually adding bran or sometime ground flax or oatmeal. I have friends who make it every second day! And my brother makes his own gluten-free bread with a variation on it.

          1. Be on the look out for bread machine or instant rise yeast as well, as these are synonymous for instant yeast. There really shouldn't be much difficulty finding them.

            I found that the no-knead bread recipe improved with a bit of kneading, but I find that kneading is one of the most enjoyable parts of making bread, so I think I have something against the recipe on principle ;)

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              Finding live yeast is the trick. If someone knows there that is, I'd chance smuggling it across the border back to NJ...