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Where to buy shrimp (and veggie) dumplings?

I need to buy frozen shrimp and maybe veggie dumplings for a baby shower. I usually rely on Deluxe Food Market, but I haven't had their frozen dumplings. Can anyone recommend those or others? Also any other ideas for where to buy cheap, pre-made, portable finger food while I'm at it?

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  1. Vanessa's Dumpings!


    They are very good and cheap - $10 for 50 frozen dumplings.

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      Vanessa''s is greate. Dumpling man isn't bad either (not as cheap though)

    2. Vanessa dumpling house on eldridge. Cheap cheap dumplings and delicious long bao.

      1. Vanessa's are my fav dunplings, espcially the chicken ones...Keep them cold...I once transported a frozen thirty pack to NJ and they all melted into one big mess (we still pan fried and ate them)....they're that good.

        1. Trader Joe's on E. 14th sometimes has frozen shrimp dumplings, and I think they're pretty terrific (better than Vanessa's, in fact). They also have cheap, pre-made, portable finger foods. It's not the most elegant option, but it's one-stop shopping, convenient and reliable.

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            if youre going to to to TJ's, you may as well go right down the block to vanessa's...more for less and much better...

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              We differ on the "better" part - I don't think Vanessa's are better (and I'm not sure they're even cheaper). Also, the OP needs things other than dumplings, so a trip to Vanessa's has to be supplemented with a trip to somewhere else. But heck, get a pack at both places, & let the guests decide which they prefer.

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                whole foods is also always great for finger foods

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                  Thanks for the input--I'm familiar w/ TJs frozen options, and so this might be an excuse to hit up Vanessa's for the comparison.

            2. Sunrise Market or nearby m2m market.

              1. There is a store across from Top Ten Cuts at 32 Pell Street that sells a variety of frozen dumplings. Don't know if they are still open though. Think it was called May May.

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                1. I went to Vanessa's with a friend today and tried her vegetarian dumplings. Usually I wouldn't touch those things with a ten foot pole, but at Vanessa's they were actually filled with... vegetables! Most of the vegetable dumplings I've had were more like soylent green stuffed with soylent green. I'd prefer pork, but these were kind of interesting. The pork and leek dumplings I ordered suffered from a looming lunch crowd - they could have cooked much longer, but they weren't bad for the price. You could do worse, especially if you can cook them yourself.