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Oct 5, 2009 08:36 AM

I really wish people would not recommend restaurants where they haven't eaten.

I don't see this frequently but often enough. A CH is looking for a restaurant in (I'm making this all up, of course) Tupelo, MS, that serves sweetbreads. Another CH googles and finds a resto in said town that serves said dish and posts that info. BUT - and this is where my objection comes - s/he does NOT post that he's not been there, he's know noone who's been there, that he just did a search and found the above info. So CH#1 goes there, has awful sweetbreads and after that other CHs see the first two posts and say, "oh no, that's an awful place in Tupelo,MS, to get sweetbreads." So PLEASE be very clear when you don't know JACK about a place. Okay? It's the kind thing.
PS: I know most of us feel that anyone should be able to do a simple search but it's not our job to make their lives difficult if they don't or didn't.
PPS: I spent one night in Tupelo, MS, in 1976 and love using the name :)

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  1. co,

    Can I recommend a place that I have not been to.....but know you have in the past...and have enjoyed and recommended?


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    1. re: fourunder

      Definitely :) As long as you say that --- double :) I don't hesitate to recommend a place under those circumstances. And I'll go further and say "I really trust fourunder's recs" or "fourunder ate there but I go back and forth on some of her recs." (Sheesh, you sure do go out to eat alot!!!

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. A tad 'guilty' here, perhaps. I've rec'd restos in Berlin I haven't personally been to, but trusted sources of mine. I've yet to have someone complain about any of my recs so far, tho, so I don't feel bad. Or guilty '-)

        Tuuuuuuuupelooooo. There, I said it.

        1. Where did you eat in Tupelo, MS ---- Shockley's Pancake House, Johnny's Drive-In, or Dudie's Diner? Those were about the only places in which to dine in Tupelo 30+ years ago.

          1. I don't have much of a problem with that if someone is clear and says something like, "the board consensu is XXX is pretty good for YYY"

            What really bugs me is people who've never gone to a place and trash it. Again, I'd be a bit more forgiving if they worded similarly to above example. But when they write with a tone of authority and they've been there, it doesn't contribute to the board at all.

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            1. re: Jase

              That hits the nail on the head. You probably have a high IQ from all the balut you've eaten :)