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Oct 5, 2009 08:24 AM

Couple's Cooking Class Suggestions

My boyfriend and I have our anniversary coming up at the end of the year. Since we both love cooking so much together, we're thinking of "gifting" ourselves with either one or a series of couple's cooking classes. Are there any suggestions of places to go around here? I've taken a solo cooking class at BCAE and wasn't too impressed. We're not professionals but we're certainly not beginners either. Also, something T-accessible would be great but not mandatory.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. I've done the couples class at Cambridge Culinary Institute - you do a dish or two, along with all the other couples - then everyone sits down together for dinner. We ended up taking the French food class, which was small by comparison to the more "hip" classes like Thai, for example. It was a blast, especially because it was not a very full class - so we all worked hard and everyone's dishes came out really well. It's not an intense learning experience, more of a fun thing, but we did work.

    1. We've been thinking of this as well. And yes, the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts looks like a place that is at or near the top of our list.

      1. I've looked at Cambridge Culinary Institute and the couple's cooking sounds just about what I'm looking for. Our anniversary is at the end of January, so I'm hoping for something at the end of January or sometime in February.

        Does anyone know anything about Stir (, Barbara Lynch's demo kitchen? It seems to be more demo and tasting than cooking but it could be interesting...

        Also am doing some research about BU's classes. There is one in November taught by Barry Maiden (

        1. I don't know anything about them, but there is a place in Newton, Create a Cook. Here is there website: They advertise adult cooking classes.

          1. Like you, we are accomplished cooks and wanted to take a class beyond the basics. We thoroughly enjoyed the class we took at Elephant Walk. Each team prepares a dish then you all eat together. The kitchen is a little cramped but hey, you're in a real restaurant kitchen cooking on enormous woks. We learned to cook a new and healthy cuisine (Cambodian) and had a good time.