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Oct 5, 2009 08:23 AM

Co-workers from Montreal visiting..idea's

I have 3 people from Montreal visiting and am looking for idea's. They are staying right downtown and the meals will not be expensed so there are $ limits.

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  1. Take them to Caplansky's for smoked meat, and Poutini for poutine.

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    1. Maybe something that is not common in Montreal, like hot pot or Korean bbq.

      1. Yeah I would say stay away from Claplansky's given that Montreal hast the best smoked meat and poutine!

        Try Pomegranate for some cool Persian food not too expensive.

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        1. re: gastronom

          I was trying to be funny. Guess I failed. :)

            1. re: CeeQueue

              I did too. But didn't realize it was a joke.


            2. re: Restaurant Dish

              Sarcasm is hard in person, it's next to impossible online, it is impossible on twitter