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Oct 5, 2009 08:02 AM

With Gourmet discontinued by Conde Nast, what's your favorite cooking mag?

Sad news this morning from Conde Nast, publisher of Gourmet. The magazine which has been around for just under 70 years is folding.

While this news is certainly a bummer, other great food mags do exist, including my favorite, Saveur. I open this thread up to you fellow foodies for input on others I may be missing.

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  1. oh, bummer. i had no idea. i loved their articles, and food photography. their recipes weren't half bad either. on the other hand -- one less subscription to manage '-)

    1. just glad they're keeping bon appetit. it's not as pretty or exotic as gourmet, but i think on the whole more accessible (especially in terms of the recipes in it.)

      1. It's a huge loss.

        Other favorites: for articles, Saveur. For recipes, Food and Wine.

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        1. re: maggiej

          It's truly a major loss. I, for one, really think that Gourmet beat Saveur at their own game in recent years. As Saveur is consistently dumbed down year-in and year-out, Gourmet took ont he mantle of accessible, interesting and nuanced food writing. Their coverage of food politics, traditional foodways and culture was quite decent. I don't know of another mainstrm mag anywhere near as good.

          1. re: celeriac

            Celeriac said it for me: I was a fan of Saveur for the first 8(?) years, basically right up until the new Editor changed the direction of it: the cover became like every other food magazine in the world and they really made it far less sophisticated, substituting the former charming insights into the homes of food purveyors in Germany and Taiwan with yet another "downhome BBQ" family event in Anytown, USA.

            So I started to read Gourmet again, and recently, I have been a solid supporter, giving it as a gift and cooking from it frequently.

            I am truly saddened to see Gourmet go. But this is the way of the publishing industry. As long as the Kraft, Unilevers and P&G's hold the purse strings on ad $, they are going to want to put their mega-bucks into magazines where the whole idea of cooking from scratch is kept scarey for the reader: that way they can sell more of their hugely profitable pre-peeled frozen potatoes and their roast-in-a-box monstrosities.

            There just aren't enough purveyors of organic turkeys, artisanal cheese, and vintners out there with the ad dollars to support the Gourmet's of this world. And it is a sadder reading world as a result.

            I will vote for Cook's Illustrated at a pinch and, in my home town here in Canada, Chatelaine, though I do despair now that Monda Rosenberg has retired.

            1. re: LJS

              Don't blame the decline of the magazines on Kraft.

              Readership for almost all form of published media has substantially declined in the last ten years. Both newspapers and magazines have been badly hit. A prominent reason behind the decline is the rise of the internet which offers information for free.

              Point your fingers, not at advertising dollars but megacorporations, but at yourself and your use of the internet.

          1. Saveur and Eating Well. Both have excellent writing (I find the health-related articles in Eating Well every bit as enjoyable to read as the geographically focused ones in Saveur). Interesting recipes, though I'm health-conscious, so I tend to actually cook from Eating Well more often. While I'm saddened by the demise of Gourmet, I can't say that it ever did much for me. But I do understand that people loved that magazine.

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            1. re: nofunlatte

              Hi, New here. Saveur and Eating Well are the first ones that came to my mind. I like Cooks Illustrated from the newstand once in awhile but will not subscribe again either to the magazine or internet site. Let's just say their marketing efforts are very persistent.

              1. re: elegraph

                I am now subscribed to CI until Nov 2012 because of receiving multiple mailings for lsast-chance renewal. Since I didn't have a magaazine handy to check expiration date (and was not particularly tracking my subcription status), I re-upped a couple of times...would be nice if they knocked this practice off...

                1. re: buttertart

                  All magazine publishers do this. Their "LAST CHANCE!" notices are compelling. Country Living tried to get me to re-up when my current subscription doesn't run out until Sept 2010. I finally had to create a separate folder in my bills with a small spreadsheet as to renewal date and expiration date.