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Oct 5, 2009 07:30 AM

Need opinions on Jones

I'd like to take my husband out for a nice dinner in the city. We're grad students on a budget, so a tab under $100 would be preferred.

He loves comfort food and he loves Steven Starr restaurants, but I keep hearing that Jones is just Cracker Barrel redux.


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  1. If he loves comfort food and loves Steven Starr, then I think he will love Jones. I'm not sure what you mean by Cracker Barrel redux but the food at Jones is much higher quality than at Cracker Barrel, and they make good drinks.

    The prices at Jones are really reasonable (all entrees under $20 I believe). If you're willing to spend $100 you can go to a much nicer restaurant; Jones is pretty casual and the food is not that special. If he likes Steven Starr maybe consider Alma De Cuba, which easily trumps Jones in atmosphere and food.

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      Great then. What dishes and drinks do you reccommend?

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        Hey, just updated my post. I've only been to Jones a couple times so I can't recommend much... all the food was pretty decent as far as I can tell. If you go just get what you like--that's what comfort food is all about. People do rave about the Thanksgiving meal though.

    2. I've enjoyed the Thanksgiving dinner there a couple of times. Also, had an awesome dinner salad once. My eating partner raved about the fried chicken.

      A couple of stars above Cracker Barrel, IMHO.

      1. I think the food at Jones is very good - definitely comfort food at it's "finest" (is that possible?) but I wouldn't consider Jones "nice" as far as atmosphere...more Brady Bunch kitchy and a better lunch/brunch option. But if he's a Steven Starr fan, I think Continental might be more fun - the food is great, there are some "comfort foods" on the menu (mac & cheese/etc) and you could definitely share some small plates and have a few fun drinks for $100. And the vibe there is a bit more exciting for a night out/dinner.