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Nancy Lee's Pig Heaven - Upper East side

All you fellow chowhounders, can you help my wife and I with your much appreciated feed back on this chinese restaurant in the big apple's upper east side? Thanks much!

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  1. its fanstastic..definitely go!

    1. It's an okay neighborhood Chinese restaurant. It's nothing special, but it's not bad.

      1. Thanks to both of you for your comments ...

        1. We've ordered in from there a couple of times, and thought it was pretty good, but had a really disappointing meal the one time we ate there, and haven't been back. Is there a particular reason you are interested in this place and/or neighborhood?

          1. Haven't been in a while, but I remember it being nothing special. Not memorable...although it's been around for a long time, which must say something.

            1. Agreed with the comments that it's nothing special. We were actually pretty disappointed when we got into the restaurant the first time, as we thought from the name it was going to be a BBQ joint - I think we missed the 'Lee', and were misled by the hand scrawled sign out from.

              1. Thanks for everyones comments which based on the overall opinions we are going to take a pass on this place. Oh well, with thousands of other restaurants in the city I'm sure we will land a nice one.

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                  It's not really fair to review Pig Heaven as a Chinese restaurant. Rather, think of it as and American-Chinese restaurant as in the old days. As such it is very good. My favorite two dishes are the Grand Marnier prawns. These are large, luscious, cruncy shrimp in a mayonnaise sauce. The other is Three glass chicken (dark meat, off the bone). A very sophisticated dish with rice wine vinegar, garlic cloves, slabs of ginger and cilantro. It is a casserole type of dish. Their spare ribs and roast pork are wonderful. The moo shoo pork is quite good. If dining there, get the salt baked squid. The veggies and noodles are limited and too Americanized (read sweet and insipid) for my taste. Oh, and the shredded pigs ears are nice too. Forget the pork dumplings and sesame noodles...boring. In short, not a bad place if you know it and pick carefully.

                  Nancy's Pig Heaven
                  1540 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10028

                2. If you like spicy order Nancy's noodles-not on menu-delicious. And they have the best spare ribs!!

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                    Pups and UES thanks for your comments and suggestions ...