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Oct 5, 2009 07:14 AM

Latest on Fairway Market in Pelham

I just heard back from an email inquiry about when the new Fairway Market will be opening in Pelham. According to Joseph Lucido, it'll be Spring, 2010. Can't wait!

Why is it that Larchmont/Mamaroneck have such lousy supermarkets? Both Stop 'n' Shops are awful. We have a couple of just "OK" specialty stores like Larchmont Meateria and Lords, but if it weren't for Trader Joe's and Fresh Direct, I'd go nuts.

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  1. agree with you completely,but westchester in general is a food wasteland. i would suggest you make the trek to fairway @ 125th. st. it really is a snap, granted pelham will be closer, but really not too difficult to go to harlem. and at least (some consolation) frank pepe will be opening very soon. if it is similiar to new haven,(when they get it right) we are in for a treat

    1. I was at Fairway last Thursday. The manger told me that the Pelham Fairway will open after Passover in April of 2010. YAHOO!

      1. i have been hearing that it is scheduled for february. i drove through their lot just today, to get a look at the inside and it appears as if alot of the hvac which is going to the roof is still in storage inside. i don't think they will be ready by february, but i am no expert, from what i saw though april may be more likely . ~big sigh~

        1. Very excited to hear about this. Can you tell me where in Pelham the store will be located.

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            It is in the last shopping ctr. on us1 (post rd.) before the bridge crossing into da bronx. It had been korvettes and later caldors. It is the shopping ctr. closed for some time as a total cleanup(hopefully) of toxic waste was removed from when it had been used as a transformer station, by what was then taken over by con ed. long ago.