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Where to Buy Pork Belly in DC Metro

I have seen some other threads on this but nothing great. Two questions:

1. Is the pork belly sold at Asian markets just as good as at a butcher shop?
2. Has anyone purchased pork belly at any other DC area market for a decent price other than an Asian market?

I am wondering if an independant like Snider's in Silver Sping sells or can order it. They have pork butts, briskets, and other cuts you don't find at many large markets.

Need to start curing to make bacon.


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  1. I only get mine at asian markets...

    1. I got some gorgeous pork belly at H Mart in Annandale on Sunday. Bought mine cubed, but they had some lovely fresh slabs.

      1. I have heard H-Mart mentioned before. A little far from me, but slabs are exactly what I'm looking for. May go to Asian market today near Wheaton and hit Snider's in Silver Spring on the way.

        1. There's a Latino market (used to be a Giant) in Riverdale that sells it. I can't remember the name but it's in the shopping center where Kenilworth Ave. and East West Highway meet.

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            That would be "El Super Store" in the Alamo Plaza. They also sell it at the large Atlantic Supermarket ("Atlantico") in Langley Park.

          2. 1. I think it's better, except for getting it directly from a farmer. Unfortunately, all the farmers I've spoken to either only sell it in American bacon form, or are exclusively selling it to restaurants.
            2. Nope.

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              Truck Patch Farms sells pork belly, but they're only at farmer's markets (or you can drive to the farm). I haven't bought pork belly from them but all the other pork products I've gotten from them have been excellent.


            2. 1. I have never bought from an Asian market so I cannot comment.
              2. I have purchased pork belly from Union Meats in Eastern Market. I believe it was $3.99 per pound. I was making Chow's pancetta recipe and the butcher even skinned it for me. They also have many other unusual cuts and are willing to get a cut of meat if they don't have it for you.

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                I found a piece of belly yesterday at Korea Mart off of Viers Mill Road near Wheaton, MD. A little pricey I thought at $3.59/lb. It should be around a dollar less per lb but at least I have it. I made a rookie mistake though which I am going to have to return to the store and fix. This belly was not deboned. Other than that, I good find.

                As for the quality at Asian markets vs. another vendor, I don't think it really matters. Likely they are getting this stuff from Swift or Hormel or another pork producer. For bacon anyway, pork is pork. It's all in how you cure and smoke it. Thanks!

              2. If I go to an Asian market looking for it, will it be clearly marked as "Pork Belly"?

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                    There's often a language barrier at the Asian markets. At least that was my experience. I navigated through that fairly well and with the help of a customer who spoke English well and helped me with the butcher in getting what I needed. Reminder, don't forget to ask the butcher to debone your pork belly if making bacon or another dish that requires removing any bones.