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Oct 5, 2009 05:39 AM

'Locavore' dining in Cincinnati/Northern KY/Dayton area??

Hi, Chowhounders...

We're looking for recommendations and I know you will have some good ideas...!

We are expecting two sets of out-of-towners to visit in the next couple of weeks, and we wanted to take them to restaurants featuring local/regional farm products.

We became interested because we recently read about the opening of 'Local 127' in the old Pigalle's space on Fourth Street so we tried it this past weekend and I have to say we had a lovely fun dinner for the eight of us. (The new chef from Las Vegas stopped by our table twice to make sure we were welcomed and well cared for.) So now we want to try some other 'local' focussed places. And we will definitely go back to 'L. 127' too.

So, any recommendations??


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  1. This may not work for your guests, but this week is "local foods week" at Dayton area restuarants. Coco's has a dinner tonight, Madison's Bistro has a dinner on Tues, Pacchia on Weds, and on Friday, Rue Domaine is hosting a local foods luncheon. See more info on

    Speaking of Rue Domaine (the Anne Kearny restaurant on SR 725 near Centerville), they always feature locally grown food, much of it actually grown on Anne and Tom's farm. It's a great place to eat (see my earlier reviews).

    1. Ate at Nectar in Mount Lookout this weekend -- very good meal and many local ingredients on the menu (they also feature Kinkead Ridge, a local wine). Chalk in Covington also uses local ingredients.

      1. Had a lovely brunch at the Meadowlark on the south side of Dayton and will definitely go back for dinner the next time I’m up that way. It is run by a former co-owner of The Winds in Yellow Springs.

        As for Cincy, I second jb’s recommendation of Nectar and was also very impressed with Honey in Northside. Others that fit the locavore designation are Slim’s (Northside) and Green Dog, a recently opened, more casual place in Columbia-Tusculum, from Mary Swortswood, formerly of Brown Dog Café and Tink’s.

        1. Nectar for sure; Julie Francis is often spotted at Findlay Market buying ingredients that will find their way into the dishes at her restaurant.

          The Wildflower Cafe in Mason has on-site gardens and the chef is committed to using local and organic ingredients.

          1. Thanks for all the good tips for 'locavore' style restaurants. Thanks to your recommendations we had a very nice meal at Chalk in Covington (after a very lovely walk around the picturesque historic riverfront district) with our friends from Chicago and I recommend that to everyone who is looking to entertain out-of-towners with a little casual local color.

            A few days later we took our San Francisco guests out to a Sunday dinner of fried chicken, hot slaw, corn pudding, etc. followed by a bourbon tasting at The Tousey House in Burlington, KY, just off Interstate 275 (20 minutes from downtown Cincy). This eiteenth century restored stagecoach inn (was definitely a change of scenery from Nectar, Chalk, and Local 127 and) made for a very charming and delightful evening, which we ended with coffee on the moonlit deck. Tousey House was not exactly 'modern' locavore food, but southern regional dishes and many of them featured local ingredients. And the friends from San Francisco loved it!

            I recently drove down Columbia Parkway and saw The Green Dog Cafe in the strip shopping center and made a note to try it this week. And definitely Honey is on our list. Whenever we go to Slim's I walk by Honey and think 'we MUST try that', and we never do. Will have to fix that. And Meadowlark has a great reputation: once I tried to go there but the line was too long and we ended up once again at Rue DuMaine, another favorite of ours in Centerville area that features local finds.

            Any more??? Let's hear about them?!