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Oct 5, 2009 05:01 AM

Fun bar to bring my recently 21 year old sister

My sister turned 21 recently, and she is coming back for the weekend from school in Vermont. I want to bring her somewhere fun that will help her to learn that natty ice and shots of poland spring vodka is not really the way to go...unfortunately living in Allston for the last 5 years, I've been in a rut and rarely venture anywhere outside of Allston/central sq. Any recs for a fun place (not too swanky--i think drink may be too far away/too adult) but not too sugary (ie. match)? We are very much looking foward for a sisterly night out!

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  1. Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square. Search the board and you'll know why. Have fun!

    1. How about Green St in Central Square?

      1. Deep Ellum in your neighborhood wouldn't be a bad place to start in terms of both cocktails and good beer.

        Trina's Starlite Lounge in Inman is another possibility. Probably a good choice for a sisters' night out as it is hopping on the weekend. The drinks aim to be more fun than Drink but without getting too sugary.

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          Deep Ellum is already my go-to for nice cocktails, so I'm looking to branch out from there...from what I've read on the boards Trina's sounds fun...thanks!

          1. re: Libbypizza

            Based on my only visit to Trina's so far, so possibly unfair, but I would recommend you stick with Deep Ellum. Trina's is a paler execution of the same idea -- beers, cocktails, comfort bar food -- but with much poorer beer choices, poorer cocktails (at least from the list) and (though I was surprised it was possible) a poorer hot dog / fries story. On the other hand, if you want an experience through a pomo / hipster lens, Trina's has lowbrow beer and beer signage coming out the wazoo.

            If you're looking for a change I would second greenzebra's Green Street suggestion. Eastern Standard is also excellent but is indeed a little on the swanky side. Nothing wrong with that if it's what you're looking for, but apparently it's not.

            1. re: chickendhansak

              Interesting comparison. I've always thought of Deep Ellum and the Independent as siblings--both have extensive (and revolving) craft beer selections and a cocktail list based on the classics with some modern interpretations.

              Trina's doesn't pretend to have beer bar aspirations--just a "decent enough" selection (which is still a step up from "Oh boy, what a beer" Natty Boh). And I've heard their cocktail philosophy described as more West than East Coast--more fresh juices and other ingredients than a concerted effort to emulate classics.

              Plus for a new 21 year old, I would guess the scene at Trina's might be more enjoyable than squeezing into the bar at Green St. or ES on a weekend night. Though both of those are excellent all around choices as well.

              1. re: Canadian Tuxedo

                Fair comments! As far as The Independent goes, I agree entirely and since Trina's and The Independent are equidistant from the Dhansak home, it may be hard to shake the pull of the latter over time.

        2. Take her to Drink and get her started right!

          1. How about Cuchi Cuchi? I know you said outside of the Central Sq. area - it's on the outskirts... Fun, sexy, cocktails and a fairly decent wine list.

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              I love Audobon, it always has a "clean" crowd, amazingly even after Red Sox games as well. Decent beer select (I think they also feature the Magic Hat seasonal, if she wants to re-live Vertmont) and great drinks. I think its a great "starter bar" that never seems to disappoint. The menu may not be all that extensive, but it covers a wide spectrum quickly. The food is always fun and clever. I think I just found my spot to watch the Sox playoff games this weekend.