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Oct 5, 2009 04:32 AM

Great Barrington MA

Heading west and hoping for some thoughts on a couple of great dinners or lunches or breakfasts in the are of GB, Lee, Lenox and otherwise.
Muchos Mahalos

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  1. Lots of threads regarding the berkshires. Martin's (GB) for breakfast without a doubt. Cakewalk(lee) bakery, sandwiches. Moe's in Lee- microbrews and bar food. Once Upon a Table, Stockbridge bistro. Rouge, W. Stockbridge bistro. Lots to choose from. I suggest perusing the other threads regarding Lee, Lenox and Pittsfield as well.

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      thank you thank you thank you

      I am searching as I type! your input is so helpful

    2. My favorite special dinner place in the area is Chez Nous in Lee.

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      1. re: City Kid

        the menu certainly reads well! thank you

        1. re: gyppielou

          It is really lovely: nice homey setting and great food by a French husband and American wife team! Very reasonable considering the quality. If your timing is right, you may catch the jazz pianist I think is there now during dinner. Request the front room, I think it is nicest!

      2. I was planning on Pearl as this trip was inspired by Boston Magazine road trips. Sad news indeed.

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          It is unfortunate that Pearl's is no longer...the bar was great for dinner after a 6:00 movie. There is a similar restaurant across the street, Allium, but I would not recommend it unless you do not mind paying quite a bit for portions more precious than those at Wheatleigh. At Pearl's one could get a decent salad; at Allium, a salad is more like an amuse-bouche. I know most people would not agree with me;; I do not mind cost as long as it is value for the money, but after several times of hoping for change, I gave up.

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            Is there any news as to what will happen to Pearl's (or, at least, the location)?

            1. re: gb25

              I didn't have the heart to ask any locals. So many effected by this tragedy. Walking by, haven never seen the place, it felt so heavy and haunted with loss.