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Oct 5, 2009 03:49 AM

Looking for Restaurant Recommendations in Edinburgh

My husband & I are heading to Edinburgh this weekend and l'm looking for some recommendations on places to eat out lunch and dinner. Casual places for lunch and something special for dinner, its my birthday and I want to get dolled up!

A friend of mine recommended Oloroso, which we have reservations for on Sun. Also been recommended either Fishers in the City or Mussel Inn. Has anyone been to either of these and can recommend one or the other?

Also, any good cocktail bar recommendations would be great!

Thanks :O)

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  1. Something special would be 21212.

    I havnt eaten there yet but am basing my recommendation on knowledge of Paul Kitching's cooking at his previous place in Altrincham.

    1. For casual, Urban Angel (2 locations) and The Dogs (but not Amore Dogs) on Hanover St. are among the best in the city.