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Daily Telegraph: McDonald's restaurants to open at the Louvre

From the Daily Telegraph. It's not April 1st so it looks real.


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      1. This is just wrong on so many levels.

        France, I'm sorry!

        1. If its happening, its because they [the french] are letting it.

          If the Chinese can toss Starbucks out of the Forbidden City, then the French can toss McD out of the Louvre.

          if they want to. . . . .

          sad sad sad

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            From the article... France has become McDonald's biggest market in the world outside of the US, according to the chain. While business in traditional brasseries and bistros is in freefall, the fast food group opened 30 new outlets last year in France and welcomed 450 million customers – up 11 per cent on the previous year.

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              "While business in traditional brasseries and bistros is in freefall, the fast food group opened 30 new outlets last year in France..."
              And THAT is wrong on so many levels!

            2. re: jenn

              Good point. Wonder what's going on in France to let this happen...perhaps the French franchisees are making big bucks.

              And to think back in the 90's the French were bent (rightfully) about the GATT agreement (WTO, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) and wanted to limit the importation of Hollywood movies.

            3. It's not surprising. The Carrousel Du Louvre is really just a mall, with a food court. I mean, the McDonald's will be near the Virgin Megastore. It's no big whoop. It's outside of the admission gates to the actual museum - it's not like you can chow on McNuggets while gazing at the Mona Lisa.

              1. Finally, an appropriate moment for the haughty French to turn up their noses and they blow it. Sacre Bleu!

                1. I was in Paris two years ago, walked in the McDonalds on the busy "Champs" just to see what it was like. Frog legs top the hamburgers...a full and busy place...full of working French trying to grab a fast meal. I left and stood in line at the little shop next door with the roasted chickens in the window. I waited 15 minutes before I could place my order. I understood why Micky D's was so popular.

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                    That McDonalds provides a good restroom stop if one gets caught short. And you don't even need to buy anything.

                  2. There has always been a fast food burger option in the food court of the Carrousel du Louvre, so this isn't particularly suprising. There used to be a "Quick". now "Universal Burger", see:
                    If you mouse over the shapes with colors, you'll find the current various offerings in the food court.
                    For additional context, you can find info about other shops in the Carrousel du Louvre here:
                    The underground entrance to the Louvre has been bordered by a Virgin Megastore and Esprit boutique for many years.

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                      Yes, its what happens when you build a big, ugly, out of place, glass pyramid. Build it and they will come. Neon lights on the Champs is next. At least they banned Micky D's from using yellow arches on the Champs...the sign is white like the other shops...but still makes you wince a bit when you see it.