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looking for Vosges bacon chocolate bars

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I was given a Vosges bacon chocolate bar a few weeks ago and it actually tasted pretty good. My friend is crazy about anything with bacon and I would like to get some for him. Does anyone know where to buy them?

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  1. The Whole Food in Tustin carries Vosges chocolate, you might want to call them and ask.

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      Yep, second on this one. Saw them at this Whole Foods too.

    2. We got one at Cost Plus in Mission Viejo, try a location near you. They were around $6 each.

      1. Hi-Times in Costa Mesa carries the line

        1. They're sometimes available at Whole Fooods and Surfa's as well. When I was at one of the Vosges retail stores in Chicago this summer, I was told that they're hoping to open an LA location soon, possibly in Santa Monica.

          1. Wally's Wines in Westwood carries them.

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            1. Agreed... just saw them at Surfas and at the Venice Whole foods...

              I will say, as a Bacon lover, I found the bar severely lacking... it was all that icky fake smoke flavor.. I'm sticking to their Barcelona bars...


              1. Bristol Farms in Manhattan Beach and Vicente Foods in Brentwood have them...as does Cost Plus in Westwood.

                1. Surfas in Culver City has them.

                  1. I bought one a few weeks ago at Chocolata on Anza in in Torrance. They have other interesting stuff too. I was a big fan of the Aztec chocolate bar (although I forget who makes that one).

                    1. Cost Plus carries the whole line, both mini and full size bars. The full size run about 5.99$. They have so so many new flavors.

                      1. try world market

                        has all sorts of goodies and wine

                        1. Not sure if it's the same brand, but Say Cheese in Silverlake and Mr. Marcels in the Farmers Market def. have them.

                          1. Thank you all. I got them from Surfas.