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Does anyone know where to purchase sweetbreads?

I'm looking for preferable fresh sweetbreads. I heard Mollie Stones may have them, but I think they are frozen. If anyone has any sources of where to get them fresh it would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Try the closest halal butcher.

    1. Golden Gate Meat Company in the Ferry Building.

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        Which is one of my favorite places for meat in the city.
        Best sausages to my taste, hands down.
        I'd trust them even with sweetbreads....

      2. Polarica USA. Generally a good place to know about.

        1. Guerra's. Call to order, they may not have them in stock.

          Guerra Quality Meats
          490 Taraval St, San Francisco, CA 94116

          1. Several factors you should keep in mind. The demand for sweetbreads is minimal. That is why you see so few in markets. Second, they are very perishable. I suggest you purchase them frozen, which is the way most markets receive them. With grossly overpriced items like that, the market cannot take a chance on spoilage.

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              I agree ,I found it impossible to find them fresh. I get mine at Drews on Church. I order ahead.

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                  According to net lore about 3 days fresh.

              1. Falletti's, but call ahead.

                Falletti Foods
                308 Broderick St, San Francisco, CA

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                  About 6 months ago i tried a bunch of places including Falletti.They all seem to be prefrozen. I advise the op to ask because the first time I ordered from Drews they had defrosted them . I used them right away.

                2. Last week I spotted fresh sweetbreads cryo'd, $3.99/lb, at Five Dot Ranch at Oxbow in Napa.

                  Five Dot Ranch
                  610 First Street, Napa, CA 94559

                  1. Very occasionally, I find them in the freezer section at the Andronico's on Shattuck in Berkeley. Sometimes they've got a bit of freezer burn on them, other times they're fine. Definitely a call-ahead thing...

                    1. I do not understand the reluctance to buy frozen sweetbreads. If I remember from my younger days, they are usually shipped frozen and thawed by the vendor for sale. I prefer not buying them "fresh" and refreezing myself, if I can involve only one thaw. Once they are parboiled, they can be refrozen for later use without any affect on taste or texture. Unlike chicken livers, they do not suffer from freezing. Chicken livers, on the other hand, do not survive freezing well.

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                        I agree , after having the butcher thaw them when I ordered I now order frozen.