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Oct 4, 2009 08:23 PM

Late night dining - help.

So more often then I like I find myself getting home relatively late and hungry, but when it comes to finding a reasonably tasty place to eat that's open late, I'm at a loss. As is the case for tonight and the prompt for me to write this post. I live in the soco area so would prefer suggestions that are not too far away but don't let that stop you from posting ideas because I'm sure that there are many other hounds out there with my same problem.

So yea, late night spots that are tasty - let me know.


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  1. What type of food are you looking for, and how late?

    I really like Enoteca on South Congress, and they're open until 10 every night but Sunday.

    Taqueria Arandas on South First is open until 11, too. I've always liked their tacos, and tostadas, and they do breakfast tacos anytime.

    1. Magnolia, or Kerby Lane, are 24 hr.
      The Bakehouse, is open till midnight, and I believe Bess is open late.

      1. I was in your predicament last night and found myself at The Good Knight on East 6th Street and was happily sated. I think East Side Showroom on the same street serves late as well. In your neighborhood, Woodland serves most nights until 11 (except Sundays, when they stop serving at 10). I wish more restaurants served late, and look forward to reading more posts regarding this pressing issue.

        1. This is in East Austin, so not Soco, but not terribly far. The new French restaurant Justine's is getting a lot of attention: They serve dinner until 1:30 AM, except on Tuesdays, when they are closed. I've heard the wait can be very long around 7 or 8, but I imagine it would be easier to find a seat late in the evening.

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            Definitely recommend Justine's, but not if you'd be dining alone. I had a rich and tasty onion soup and a streamed artichoke on a nice patio, with lots of wine! The Good Knight is more casual and if you're a light eater, that would be a nice spot for a meal/ cocktail. I don't remember their menu being very big at all. I don't like Kerby Lane or Magnolia that much, but Arandas is a place I would like the food (I get avocado tostadas) and would be ok with going alone!

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              Late late night options are limited. Real food - second Justine's and Parkside on 6th is also open real late - up to 1:15 or so. Both are reliably delicious. The 24 hour places are pretty ghastly, though I prefer Magnolia to Kerbey Lane and Katz's on 6th may very well be the worst restaurant I have ever eaten at. Go to Wendy's instead.

              1. re: hungryinaustin

                Minor point-- the kitchen at Parkside usually closes at midnight; Justine's goes until 1:30, and yeah, Katz's is horrible. Oh, Thai Passion at 7th and Congress is open until 3 AM.

          2. you should try La Mexicana on south first, open 24 hrs and they have a bakery on site, the food is great and cheap

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              I believe Borrego de Oro at South Congress and Ben White is reliably open until 10 pm. The window at Home Slice is open late most nights it seems.