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Oct 4, 2009 07:51 PM

Toronto hounds in nyc

We're on our yearly NYC food pilgrimage next w/e and we're looking for some amazing restaurant suggestions. We're thinking of going back to jean georges for the lunch, and already have booked the enoteca @ del posto for dinner. We're coming in Friday eve and staying around union square so were thinking of heading nearby to yuerba beuna perry st for dinner that night and probably l'ecole for brunch on one of the days. We'd love a rec for Sunday dinner - maybe an izakaya place or something a little light (after del posto and jean georges). Also, we're looking for some solid Malaysian food esp w good roti chanai. Any other suggestions/changes for a meal that can't be had in Toronto would be appreciated (I know....where to begin?) - thanks

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  1. I might reconsider dinner at the Enoteca @ Del Posto. The food seems wildly inconsistent there and I think you can do much better at Convivio, Marea, or Scarpetta.

    If you haven't been, Momofuku Ssäm Bar is within close walking distance of Union Square. I think the food is far more interesting than Yerba Buena.

    The best izakaya in the city is probably Sakagura.

    Don't know much about Malaysian food, but I'm sure other people with chime in with recs.

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      Thank you for the recs! Just got off the phone to book Sakagura - any must get dishes there? Looks like a varied and interesting menu.

      Convivio also looks good and we may swap that one instead of the Enoteca@del posto.

      Any other suggestions for the Union Square area would be great as Momfuku may not quite fit our bill (we're not really into offal or ham)? Thank you

    2. Taste Good (82-18 45th Ave., Elmhurst, Queens) would be my first choice for Malaysian. You could also try Curry Leaves (135-31 40th Rd., Flushing, Queens). Visit Curry Leaves before noon and you can find an assortment of kueh at the counter; kaya is usually on offer even late in the day. A visit to Flushing also makes it easy to pay a call on the vendors at the Golden Mall (41-28 Main St.).

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        Both Laut and Rhong-Tiam have very good roti chanai - crisp, flaky, no sog at all. Check the boards for recs from their other malay offerings.

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          Thank you to everyone who made suggestions. Just some thoughts upon our return tonight -

          We wound up at Jean Georges for lunch - it was amazing. The skate was not quite as melt in your mounth as last time - but still great. The beef with the smokey sauce was fantastic - moist, and flavourful. The service was flawless. The wine list, quite broad and reasonable.

          We did wind up back at enoteca @del posto and while it wasn't quite up to last year's level....It was definately still worth it. Highlights were: The service, the wines by the glass were great , we really like the Barbero d'Alba. The gnocci was perfect. The duck great as well...the halibut, not so much (slightly overdone). The salad was quite underwelming. The calimari were light, fresh and delish!

          Rhong Tiam was quite charming. The whole red snapper and the Kao Soi were delic. Unofrtunately, the Roti Chanai did not meet our expectations - the curry suace had vinergery characteristics and not what we're used to from an authentic malaysian roti chaina, but the roti itself was quite light and tasty. We thought it was better at Nyonya last year. Maybe we are getting the southern Thai interpretation?

          We also tried Sakagura and thought it was quite average although, the fried chicken and the omi/egg/salmon rowe cold soup were highlights. The service, was not.

          We also had brunch at l'ecole which was quite tasty.

          Aside from Jean-Georges....our fave chowfind, which we discovered by accident is Fika espresso on 58th st (the one on Park was not quite as good and we preferred Joe, the art of coffee in the within 10 min walk of Union Square area.) The uptown Fika did serve us our favourite cup of macchiato in NYC - although, admitadly, we did not do any reserach on espresso in time. Thanks again, DDD from Toronto