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Oct 4, 2009 07:28 PM

Holy Octopus! Nisi's of Englewood rocked my world...

Finally got to Nisi Estiatorio's in Englewood after having watched it on my to-do wish list for the last year. Probably one of the best meals I’ve had in NJ, much less Bergen County in the last 3 years.
We started with the octopus appetizer ($16)...I’m usually octo-adverse- my only experiences with them more reminiscent of chewing on a tire than eating fish.... oh, my- what a freaking delight...grilled and served with a onion/fennel compote, I've never tasted something so tender, smoky and fabulous all at the same time...I'm an octo-convert.

We had the assorted dips –tarmasalada, tziki, and eggplantsalata ($14) good stuff, though wasn’t wowed.

Next: 2 barbouni (red mullet) whole, dipped in flour then pan-fried… super crisp, perfectly cooked and fabulous…considered ordering another for dessert

Next: Bronzini- grilled perfectly & served with oil and lemon. Simple and delicious.

Side dish: Horta…I’m a fan of greens, though think these could have stewed a bit longer, as there was some stringiness left from undercooking the chard/kale combo.

Cinnamon flaky bottom with orange pastry cream, and something else…decent, but not particularly memorable (and would have skipped it for another go round with an 8 tentacled wonder).

2 glasses of Greek Pinot Noir
1 bottle of Greek white
2 glasses Muscat
$186 + tip
Service: Funny, warm, and attentive.
Grade: A-

Nisi Estiatorio
90 Grand Avenue, Englewood, NJ 07631

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  1. that octopus is pretty fan-freakin-tastic - i *love* the compote. and when i had the branzino it was super-tender, moist & flaky.

    the horta was somewhat tough when i had it as well, and a bit too greasy for my liking. they need to work on that.

    next time try the grilled whole sardines, they're excellent.

    that place does fish VERY well.

    1. Wow! I was searching for a restaurant for my husband and I to celebrate our 10th anniversary... sooooo on your recommendation I'm going to try Nisi. I've walked by it a few times on our way to Namaskaar and was impressed at how busy they were during the week.

      We're going next week, I think we will have to order the octopus, and maybe the grilled sardines! Let's see how it compares to Axia, which we love!

      Thanks for the review