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Oct 4, 2009 07:12 PM

Very Late night cote-des-neiges

We're planning on having a baby at Montreal Jewish sometime in the near future. I have been informed that if we have to go in on a Friday night that we would need to bring food with us (for my husband) since the hospital cafeteria is closed that night. Does anyone know where we can get portable food close to the hospital from a place that would be open whenever baby decides to come (eg: 11pm, 3 am...) and that would not be closed on friday night?

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  1. Over on Decarie & Jean-Talon (10-min. drive from the hospital) Dunn's is open 24 hours. (watch the music


    The Mike's at the corner of Cote-des-Neiges & Cote-Ste-Catherine (5 min. walk from the hospital) is open til midnight on Fridays. They also deliver.

    Good luck with everything!

    1. Greasy spoon Blanche Neige, on CDN right across from the hospital, is open 24 hours on weekends. Don't know if that includes Fridays but, if not, it's a pretty sure bet they'll be open till the wee hours.

      McDo's, a few blocks north on CDN, has a 24-hour drive-thru service. Don't know what time the indoor counter closes.

      Al Amine on Lacombe just east of CDN is open till 1 a.m. or so. They also sell foods -- pita pizzas, fatayer, etc. -- that are easy to reheat in a microwave.

      Also, the Metro grocery store on CDN just north of Queen Mary is open 24/7.

      1. My kids have been born either at the Maison de Naissance or the Jewish. I remember walking around in a mid labour (not my own) daze, hungry for food at weird hours. I opted for the Golden Starches, but that stretch of Cote de Neiges has to be one of the most restaurant rich streets in the whole city. Should be no problem if your husband can actually function, which is doubtful.

        1. thank you all very much for those suggestions.

          @everyonelovessushi, i was not planning on eating much before the delivery, but i was hoping that if we had to go at weird hours that we could at least pick up something for my poor husband to eat while i am being evaluated at the maison de naissance before going to the hospital and that once the baby is born he would be able to go find me something to eat because last time i had a baby, i wanted triple the amount of food the hospital was offerning after the birth.

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            I'm not sure of your exact situation. Usually if you're centred at the Maison de Naissance, a block or 2 away from the Jewish, and for whatever reason you have to give birth at the Jewish you then can go back to the MdN afterwards where they feed you whatever you want whenever you want as long as they have it. . A great place, with great people.
            But like I said Cotes des Nieges in that area is dense with many many restaurants.
            I know it's not great but the Mcdonalds at 6025 Cote-des-Neige is listed as open 24 hours. Could be the only "any hour" option close by.
            Good luck with the birth.

            1. re: everyonelovessushi

              i am required to deliver at the hospital (thankfully by my midwife). I wish we were at the MdN, they feed you and the partner even gets one meal. But, i was worried about food for my husband mostly since even a short labor would be pretty long if you have had nothing to eat.

              1. re: hala

                I'm no fast food fan, but in certain circumstances it can work. When your husband has to cut out for food between contractions you'll want him to be back fast for the next round. So fast food is really your only option, you don't really want him waiting for long to get quality food at a real restaurant. He might miss the baby if he did that. Don't want that.
                On the other hand if you've given birth and you are hungry and send him out at any reasonable hour, you can probably order pretty much any food in that stretch. Just give him a few options.
                Once again, good luck.

          2. I could be wrong, but Blanche Neige, which is across the street, might be able to deliver or prepare it for pick-up

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