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Oct 4, 2009 06:59 PM

How much food to make for 25, Ocktoberfest?

I 'm cooking an Oktoberfest style menu for 25 for next weekend. Hopeing someone here can help me out with portions so I make enough food for everyone. Other people will be making appitizers and 2 other side dishs. After doing a little research I've come up with these portions, do they sound about right? The most I've ever cooked for is 12.

Serving 13 adults (6 being hearty eaters) 7 teen's and 2 kids.

12 lb. bone in shoulder roast, or boston butt braised in reisling and an apple prune gravy?
4 1/2 quarts of potato salad. which I think is about 7 lbs. of potatos?
.4 quarts of red cabbage or about 4 1/2, 3 lb. heads of cabbage?
6 quarts of vegtable soup, served in small appitizer style portion, like maybe a paper cup for coffee.

One other question. I will be making everything in my kitchen and transporting it to the event. I thought maybe I could go ahead and chop up the roast after cooking, tossing with the gravy, then cover and reheat in 325 oven for how long??? I don't want it to dry out.

Thanks for any help

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  1. if that is the only meat, it is not enough

    1. Google: Cooking For A Crowd

      There are books on the subject. Check local libraries.

      Found this in the internet:

      1. Maybe add some bratwurst in kraut, and some brown bread and mustard, to round it all out?

        1. Is the 12 pounds of meat after the fat & bone has been removed? Those cuts are notoriously fatty. (I wouldn't go with less than 12 pounds of meat, without fat & bone, for that number--better to have leftovers than not enough). I would suggest that you cut the meat up into cubes, before cooking, and serve it with some spaetzle or noodles. The potato salad quantity sounds good, and I'm not sure what you actually mean for the cabbage, but three good-sized heads of cabbage cooked with bacon, apples, and vinegar or wine would do for that number.

          It would be good to have some sort of German wieners or sausages; it's Oktoberfest, after all. You could cook and serve them, in 2" lengths, atop the red cabbage.

          Also, you may wish to think about an appetizer or hors d'oeuvres, something to tide people over till the meal is served. Do you have a source for German-style pretzels? Or perhaps a deli nearby where you can pick up some meat salad (fleisch salat) or liver sausage (leberwurst) and serve atop some rye bread/pumpernickel squares.

          1. Thanks everyone. After futher research I found, indeed, 12lbs is nowhere near enough meat. I'm going to do 2, 10 or 12lb. roasts. The roasts, cabbage, potato salad, & soup, are the things I am making. Other people are in charge of the rest of the meal.

            How long would you think I need to reheat the chopped up meat mixed with drippings in the oven at 325. Thanks.