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Oct 4, 2009 06:20 PM

SEA: One Dinner, Max of $80PP. . .

Hello Chowhounders,

My partner and I are planning to go on an outing next weekend, and I'm getting a bit of a headache in choosing as to where we should go. I need the help of you guys. I've looked through the forums, and I'm still undecided. I need a bit of an advice. My favorite cuisine is Japanese, but I think I should deviate from doing omakase. I am eyeing a couple of restaurants and here they are...

Art Of The Table
Chez Shea
NIshino (Well, it is neo-japanese. =P)

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Art of the Table $55 PP, and $25 will buy plenty of beverage

    1. First Vote is for Art of the Table- They serve Thurs, Fri, Sat- which you probably already know... The meal I attended was Julia Childs themed and wonderful- make sure you are attracted to the menu that week*
      Second Vote is for Crush- I love the atmosphere in the bar/kitchen area- Right now they are participating in the 3 for $30 promotion(Oct sun-thurs.) and you could add a wine flight to that or just go rogue with deciding what dishes to try

      Report back- I am interested to know what you choose and how it turns out-

      1. You couldn't go wrong with any of these. You will probably spend more than $80 per person at Rover's though. Last time I was at Union they had a lovey tasting menu for $50 per person so room for some wine in the budget.

        1. I just called AOTB, and they are only offering communal tables now. Right now, I'm aiming towards Rovers. They have a Julia Child's themed menu for $55, and it looks lovely. We'll see though. I need to consult with my other half first.

          I was thinking of doing the Urban Eats promotion for Crush, but I hear the portions are small. I'm a heavy eater, so I don't know if it's a good idea. Thanks again Hounders!