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Sukkahs in Manhattan?

Which restaurants will have sukkahs this week? Also, does anyone such as chabad set up public sukkas anywhere, such as Central Park? Good moed!

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  1. Not working in NYC anymore, I don't have current info, but Chabad used to set one up in the courtyard of the Citigroup Building on 53rd and Lex, right where Eli's was and the sephardic place is.

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      It wasn't there at 11:15 a.m. today. The sukka-mobile needs twitter.

    2. I'm pretty sure Chabad puts up a sukkah in Union Square every year.

      1. Chabad puts one up in Bryant Park near the 6th ave 42nd street entrance

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          Chabad Sukkah at Bryant park 42nd street and 6th Avenue roof fell down and was not operational at 12 noon today. Milk and Honey restaurant 45th between 5th and 6th avenue has a sukkah but only if you buy food at the restaurant.

        2. Kosher deluxe on 46 b/w 5 and 6 usually has one outside

          1. I think since Eli's has closed, they might not have a sukkah there this year.

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              I re-confirmed that there is no sukkah there.

            2. No restaurant info, but Memorial Sloan has one on the 15th floor and Cornell hosp has one near their chapel.

              1. Mike's Pizzeria and Talia's (both in the 90s on Amsterdam) have sukkot. The one at Mike's is quite small; the one at Talia's looked larger.

                1. Kasbah (85th and Broadway) has one.

                  1. Cafe K and Wolf & Lamb on 48th Street between 5th / 6th Avenues both have sukkahs on the street in front of the establishments.

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                        On Broadway around 35th there is three- one in front of Kosher Delight, one in front of Jerusalem 2 restaurant (actually both are on trucks parked in the street) and a smaller one in front of Mr. Broadway. I think you can only bring in food from the respective restaurants to use their sukkah , though I was told that is not the case for the one in front of Jerusalem two.

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                          In that area, there is one in Greeley Square Park.

                      2. Noah's Ark on the Lower East Side- Grand St off Essex has a sukkah.

                        1. There is a map on google with public sukkah listings. It's open (anyone can edit the list), so please contribute:

                          This map can be accessed on your blackberry or other smartphones.

                          1. Prime KO has one on the UWS. Prime Grill has a big one in Midtown.