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Oct 4, 2009 04:24 PM

went apple picking, now need a way to use them up

I am looking for a good moist apple cake recipe. My mom used to make one that your poured a sauce over and made in a lasagna pan. can anyone give me some suggestions?

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    1. Would tarte tatin be acceptable too?

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      1. re: Joebob

        I have never made one - I am pretty new to baking. How easy is it too make and do I need a lot of equipment?

        1. re: chloesabrina

          Here's a great primer on tarte tatin -- apparently it requires way more apples than one would think, which is a good thing in your case! =)

      2. I love Ina Garten's Apple Crisp recipe. And it uses plenty of apples.

        1. here's my very favorite apple cake -- From Secrets of Success by Michael Bauer
          It's very moist. There's a caramel sauce that goes with it, which I think is gilding the lily. I make in a bundt pan and just sprinkle confectioners sugar on top and call it done.

          In case that link doesn't work, search on google books for: secrets of success apple cake

          1. Oh please make the Scandinavian Sour Cream Apple Pie from

            I made it last week and am still upset that I gave away the last 2 pieces. The writer of the blog actually makes it without a crust to achieve a sort of cake - whatever, it tastes divine and needs no accompaniment except a big ole spoon.

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            1. re: kookiegoddess

              FXCuisine is great! I've made this cake using the minimal amount of flour in a pie crust as in the original recipe and the whole cup of flour and no crust. as in the FX take on it. Both are exceptional! How much flour did you use? Regular pie plate w/ crust or spring form pan w/o crust?

              1. re: KailuaGirl

                I followed the recipe instructions with the minmal amount of flour, and made smitten kitchen's pie shell. All scrummy. I daydream about eating a whole one for myself.