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Oct 4, 2009 04:16 PM

Top Mexican Restaurant

I'll be in Chicago this weekend visiting family and I just remembered that I saw on a TV show that there is a Top Rated Mexican restaurant in Chicago. I don't remember the name but it was definitely on a food network show. Anyone know which one I'm talking about? Any thoughts? Should I go there?!

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    1. "Top rated" using what criteria? One of the things Chicago has an abundance of is Mexican restaurants - probablhy more restaurants representing a broader array of Mexican regional cuisine than any other city in the USA. Bayless is a highly-regarded chef (who's not at the helm of his kitchens full time anymore), and he has two highly-regarded restaurants in Chicago - Topolobompo and Frontera Grill - but I hope the selection you make will come from a criteria that meets your wants, and not something someone someplace other than Chicago has designed as "top rated" standards. Have a great visit to our great city!

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        By the way, Bayless made my torta at Xoco last week and Topo is still the best fine Mexican dining you can get anywhere.

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          The judgment about Xoco, thus far, has, pretty universally, been that the prices are high for what's served. Skimpy portions for high prices. Bayless fixed my breakfast - wrongly - and what I was charged for it was an abuse - and the price was cut by more than 50% after I complained about it publicly (and probably because a chorus of others complained, too). Topo serves food not often seen in Mexico - but, rather, is the Bayless "take" and improvement on ingredients often found in Mexico - it's an excellent restaurant but I wouldn't describe it as a "Mexican Restaurant" as people think of Mexican restaurants. Frontera is probably the best example of an upscale restaurant serving many traditionally-prepared (in Mexico) dishes. Add Sol de Mexico to the list of fine Mexican restaurants in the city - before trying Mixteco (which I don't think measures up well against the better places in the city). Lots to choose from though - and selecting the region of Mexico you want to sample food from is something people might want to focus on firstly. Mexico's a big country and there's not one cuisine that defines it.

      2. Agree that Bayless' places are going to be the 3-4 star dining experience without a doubt...I haven't eaten at Xoco but I am a fan of his 2 core places and reference/cook from his cookbooks fairly often, etc.......I am so happy he has stayed in Chicago.....he really cares about the authenticity of the food and the love of the culture shines through.

        Other places to check out, Mixteco on Montrose Avenue (Lincoln Square area) - I think the chef was a Bayless protege and the pork dishes are REALLY good. I believe they are still BYOB. Liquor store across the street with decent selection. It's casual but if you are still craving Mexican and want to check out a city neighborhood, nice place to take check out.

        Another interesting place is Dorado (Foster Avenue). Another casual place but the dining is better than average and the Chef has clearly worked/trained in French shows in the well prepared sauces. BYOB last time I was there still. Liquor store down the street.

        Buen provecho!

        1. not sure what part of the city you will be in, but new rebozo is a favorite of mine, i go every time i am in chicago. authentic food, amazing mole and margaritas :-)