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Oct 4, 2009 03:46 PM

Girlfriend is leaving the city dinner....

No worries she is moving back home! It coincides with a 5 year anniversary on October 31st. The real questions is what have we missed that is a must do dinner? Budget=None...Food=Any...Certainly romantic is nice but would prefer that to be without the stuffiness of dressing in our Sunday best and feeling like amatures on a night out. Think Blue Crabs on a picnic table if it is a must eat! Lively nice atmosphere is a plus.

We really have done a good job over 3 years canvassing the city in search of good eats. The obvious ones have been hit for the most part but do not be afraid to suggest it (it may have slipped the mind and what we may have hit may not be ones you suggest).

Looking forward to all suggestions. She currently lives in Brooklyn so we will sub it in to the city. Thanks in advance!

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  1. This doesn't meet your non-stuffy requirement, but I think all things considered (price, service, food, ambience) Jean-Georges is the best restaurant in the city.

    But if you REALLY don't want to wear a tie, you might consider Perry St (no, I promise I don't work for the guy!). It's very good food; quiet, romantic modern dining room; and no jacket required. A more boisterous spot, but a place I still find romantic due to it's coziness, is Babbo. Or Cafe Boulud might fit your requirements. Excellent food, nice atmosphere and no jacket requirement.