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Oct 4, 2009 03:24 PM

Marche Moderne keeps getting better!

I've had dinner at Marche Moderne twice this week, and am beginning to think that as this restaurant continues to mature, it keeps getting better. We had dinner at Melisse in L.A. last week, and spent twice as much for a dinner that wasn't as good. True Melisse is a more beautiful restaurant, but the food and service at Marche Moderne are at least as good (I think better), and the price is much lower. Right now, IMHO no one in southern CA is cooking better French food than are Florent and Amelia Marneau!

Earlier this week, I dined alone at the bar at MM, and started as I often do with the charcuterie plate. This is a wonderful presentation of absolutely first class meats served with a wonderful mustard cream, cornichons and baguette. I followed it up with a terrific scallop dish, and ended with Amelia's wonderful pear compote with ice cream and freshly baked mini-madelaines. Really outstanding.

Last evening, I returned with a guest and once again had an amazing meal. I started with the tuna tartare (my friend had the composed salad) and had the fabulous lamb tagine as my main. This is a beautifully presented tagine with a base of couscous on which are placed perfectly cooked slices of lamb loin, and merguez sausage. All of the usual accompaniments are presented alongside. My friend selected the trout which was also outstanding. We again had the scrumptious pear dessert.

Service was warm and professional. The bartender Chris, prepares first-rate cocktails, and the wine service is excellent...very well selected, and fairly priced.

This restaurant is truly a gem which is continuing to competes very well with any French restaurant in southern California, and outshines most!

Marche Moderne
3333 Bristol St 3001, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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  1. they finally fixed their service which was really the only weakness that they had. i love going to the place. the lunch prix fixe is lacking creativity and has been repeating itself for a while now, but at $20, it's too good to be true. otherwise, I'd be ordering that every other week. Still, everything on the menu is fantastic.

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      Have they really? I don't live in the area but love the food there so try to find reasons to go shopping at South Coast Plaza. :P But the service has always been an issue for me, making me rethink going there a few times, so hopefully you're right david t. I'll have to give it another shot soon.

    2. One of our favorite places to dine. Was just there last month for our anniversary & plan on going in November for my wife's Birthday & the Pig -Head to Foot menu. We've never had less than perfect service, and make a point to thank the Chef, who is always appreciative.