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Oct 4, 2009 02:24 PM

Cake Bake & Roll, Long Branch, NJ

We visited Cake Bake & Roll in Pier Village, Long Branch, NJ on two occasions, two weeks apart. Unfortunately, like all the other eateries in Pier Village, this bakery disappoints. We had cupcakes on our latest visit. They were not good at all. One would find better cupcakes at a supermarket. The frosting tastes old and the cakes are dry and very dense. As residents of Pier Village, we would like to have one eatery here we can enjoy. Cake Bake & Roll is not it.

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  1. I went in there when it first opened for coffee and (I was hoping) a breakfast sandwich. They were only serving coffee and sweets at the time. The coffee was fine--I didn't try anything else but I thought the "wheel of gelato" looked promising. The service was kind of generic--I expected a more friendly welcome from a brand new establishment.

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