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Oct 4, 2009 01:49 PM

Reasonably priced restaurant in Chalfont area?

I live in Ft. Washington and will be meeting friends who live in Montgomeryville for dinner. We usually meet in Chestnut Hill area, but I thought there must be good places towards the Chalfont area. Anyone have any suggestions for restaurants or other equidistant towns? Thanks.

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  1. What about Tutto Mario? It's a BYO in the shopping center on 202 before you get to Bristol Road.

    1. I really enjoy Duck Deli, it is a very casual BBQ restaurant. BYO. Casual atmosphere, great brisket, great hush puppies. They also have very good sandwiches, their smoked tuna hoagie is so good!

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        I haven't lived in the area for over 3 yrs., so while I know things change, we also really enjoyed Duck Deli, and the brisket and hush puppies were my favorite as well. Don't know if it is still there, or still any good, but we used to do a "girls night out" at a Mexican place in Chalfont . . . I think Los Serapes.